Yorosen! 005 (subs)

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Day five and the last day for Sensei Reina.


Yorosen! 004 (subs)

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Day 4 of Miss Tanaka sensei.

This prime minister stuff is kinda boring…

Yorosen! 003 (subs)

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Part three of Sensei Reina.

Subbed by Reina Stars Subs.

Yorosen! 002 (subs)

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This part two of Reina’s lecture.

Yorosen! 001 (subtitled)

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This is show that is replacing Haromoni@ where the girls will teach each other different subjects to increase their knowledge. If you ask me, I thought that Haromoni@ was much better. Nonetheless it’s good to see Morning Musume doing something again.

AAA – Crash

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Just the boys – Naoya, Nissy, Atae-kun, Hidaka and Shuta -in their own PV for their song Crash.

Silly dancing, but hot all the same. Naoya and Nissy ❤ ❤ ❤


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ºC-ute‘s 7th major release, and their 4th release this year (the only H!P group to release 4 this year).

Forever Love

I don’t know why so many people don’t like this song. I for one love it. Well, even though Maimi and Airi are hogging most of the lines, all the members get lines (Yay for MaiMai and Chisa!). I love the chorus; I think the girls sound very cute when they say “My Darling” and “I Love You”.

As for the video itself, well it’s obvious that Saki is the best dancer as she is put in the middle, and the dancing isn’t bad. But I’m not a fan of the video. It doesn’t really say anything special; it’s really dull and boring actually. I love the colour purple but its not working for this video. The office theme is sort of mimicking the Berryz Madayade MV (which I disliked immensley) and I don’t like that. And as for the outfits…WTF is Kanna wearing? Its horrible! Not even the slightest way cute. But Mai’s outfit makes her look grown up and that’s a good thing. The same goes for Chisato’s hair. Very cute.

…And that’s my rant over. Enjoy the video.

Release Date: November 26, 2008

2. Seventeen’s VOW
3. FOREVER LOVE (Instrumental)

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